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Welcome to EMA!

What is EMA?

Originating from the Modern Jewish language, “Em” translates to Mother and “Ima” to Mom. Wanting to encompass the entirety of the warmth and welcome of a mother, we combined Em and Ima into EMA. Created by Devora Fisher, EMA is a program for both Emerging Professionals that are facing obstacles in starting a career, and for Visionary Leaders, overwhelmed entrepreneurs that are looking for a more sustainable way to grow their business.

Two hands piecing two puzzle pieces together.

Our EMA program is divided into two services. One service is geared towards those that are seeking entry into the professional world, whether they be college students, recent graduates, or otherwise. We refer to these individuals as Emerging Professionals. Our second service is aimed towards those that have an idea - a vision - and want to make it come true. However, they find themselves alone in doing all the work. We refer to these individuals as Visionary Leaders.

These two groups unite to create a synergetic relationship. Our Emerging Professionals are looking for mentorship, guidance, exploration, and networking skills, which are provided by our experienced Visionary Leaders. In exchange, our Emerging Professionals gain help our Visionary Leaders with the responsibilities and tasks of creating a new business. In creating a nurturing, low-stakes environment where both parties can try, receive feedback, and improve, our EMA program is designed to uplift those striving to achieve their dreams.

Emerging Professionals

It is often the case that college students and recent graduates find themselves in an ocean of questions: What now? What do you want to do with your life? What job can you get hired for? Where will you look? It’s overwhelming, and many times our studies do not prepare us for the “real world”, for the untold responsibilities of networking, communication, and self-branding. EMA for Emerging Professionals is designed to help you feel more supported in guiding you through the process of cultivating new transferrable skills such as collaborative networking and proactive communication. You will gain clarity about what matters most to you and understand the value that you hold.

Visionary Leaders

We recognize that there are many brilliant people with a vision to change the world. However, this potential can be stifled in facing the challenges and garnering the courage to change career paths and work towards what you truly love. We get it, and we want to help. EMA for Visionary Leaders offers is designed for entrepreneurs that have taken the first step in starting their own business, but are unsure of how to proceed alongside managing the heavy workload of running a business. We offer workshops and seminars for so that you can grow confidently and with a support network of like-minded people that are there to help one another.