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Programs for B-Corps and Not For Profit


A Business Mentorship Experience for Mission-Driven Organizations

  • The goal of EMA for B-Corps is to fill the gaps in the necessary requirements to maintain a B-Corp status and help keep your mission-driven vision alive.


  • We do this by providing you with a comprehensive methodology to obtain, train, educate, mentor, and leverage the incredible knowledge and resources of underrepresented emerging professionals who are eager to put their skills to work in a real-world setting.


B-corporations are mission-driven. The work of B-corporations must meet requirements of impact in multiple areas for positive change. B-lab assesses the impacts of companies based social and environmental influence. The work B-corp companies do goes towards accomplishing the mission.

Social Impact

Social impact is one of the components that is assessed by B-lab in order to become a B-corporation. Up in the Chair's mission is mainly socially impactful. UPTC has an overall 91.4 score on B-lab's impact assessment. The assessment is not fully complete.

Environmental Impact

B-corporations are assessed on environmental impact. Companies must have sustainable production and practices. Up in the Chair has a positive impact in this field by sourcing products and merchandise from sustainable companies.

Certification for B Corporation

Certified B Corporation logo - This company meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

With EMA for B-Corps You Will

  • Fulfill several of the B-Corp requirements of impact in multiple areas for positive change.
  • Increase your B-Lab's overall social impact assessment score.
  • Save thousands of dollars a year as you build your inclusive company culture.
  • Establish your business as a world-class internship spot for up-and-coming underrepresented talent.
  • Infuse, fresh young energy into your work.
  • Experience personal satisfaction as a mentor to the next generation of leaders.

"We are now walking the talk by paying it forward to prepare future thought leaders in creating socially and environmentally responsible companies."

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Not For Profit

Coming Soon!!

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Not For Profit Testimonials

Headshot of Caryn Warren.

Now that I have 8 interns, we’re accomplishing things like crazy.

I felt like nobody could do a better job than me and I needed to do it all myself. But that's crazy. You can't do everything. Once I learned how to attract the right help from those who loved my vision and had the skill set to implement my vision, I was taught how to delegate-- which I didn't know how to do either. Once I got that down, it didn't take long. I saw the talent and enthusiasm these college students had and that I could nurture... I mean, they're so excited to help. It's like the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Caryn Warren